The president of the Popular Party, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, has assured this Saturday in Badajoz that “we already know the music” of the new taxes” that the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, intends to apply, and has denounced that those who are going to pay it are the consumers: “Sánchez’s recipe to deal with the price increase crisis is to raise prices”.

Feijóo, who attended the proclamation of María Guardiola as the new president of the PP in Extremadura to replace José Antonio Monago, pointed out that Sánchez “is the ruler who only wants to hear that he does everything well, that the government is always right and that when there are problems there is always someone to blame: “It is the oldest and crudest trick of populism,” he criticized.

Feijóo has accused the President of the Government of buying “parliamentary peace to be able to go on vacation” after the Debate on the State of the Nation, but has warned that in September, with the beginning of the new political course, “problems will continue, the divisions in the coalition, the tensions with the partners and the increase in prices”.

In this way, the president of the PP has considered that Sánchez attended the general policy debate to “avoid the breakdown of the parliamentary majority”, but has considered that despite everything, the Government is “weaker” every day, and It only continues to be sustained -according to his opinion- by what always unites them: “Raise taxes again” because “their fiscal voracity knows no limits”.

In this key, he has assured that they already know “the music” of these new temporary taxes on banks and energy companies. “Sánchez’s recipe to deal with the price increase crisis is to raise prices,” she criticized.

In the midst of controversy over the inauguration of the new train, which is not the AVE, in Extremadura, scheduled for Monday with the presence of the King and Pedro Sánchez, Feijóo has asked for “respect” for Extremadura, criticizing that the Government says that there will be an AVE to the region that does not exceed 90 kilometers per hour.

The new baroness of the Extremaduran PP received the leader of the National PP with praise: “You have given us hope that there is another path for Spain, for that we thank you, for always carrying the banner of Spanish unity, of the coexistence and that of the spirit of the Transition”.

María Guardiola Martín has been elected president of the PP of Extremadura with 97.7% of the votes of the delegates in the XIII Regional Congress of the PP of Extremadura.

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