The Ministry of Equality has received in the first days of June a total of 31 complaints about early sexualization of girls through advertising images of bikinis with poses that do not correspond to their age or advertisements for garments with padding to simulate a developed chest.

As reported on Tuesday by the Women’s Institute, the complaints focus on an early sexualization of girls in advertising whose mission is the sale of bikinis, for which sexualized poses are used, bikinis versus panties for girls who do not exceed three years or garments with padding.

These images, denounces the Observatory of the Women’s Institute, perpetuate the objectification of women and gender stereotypes from the earliest age and supposes a “clear violation of the rights of girls” and a detriment to their full development.

Equality points out that in the complaints received, it is criticized that the large commercial chains exhibit two-piece models for the bathroom for little girls in an “exaggeratedly greater” number than the offer of panties only.

In their complaints, they also demand that the textile industry be more careful with the image of girls, since the products they sell “contribute to introducing elements that influence the perception of their bodies, which has negative consequences for their self-esteem” .

The Ministry led by Irene Montero recalls that the sexualization of girls in advertising is a “pernicious practice” that has been denounced for years and that it constitutes “the most extreme expression” of the sexualization of women in general.

Already in 2019, the Observatory of the Women’s Institute denounced in a report the sexualization of girls in advertising images and called on the sector to put an end to these practices.

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