Little Bastian Riera Trindade, five years old, remains presumably kidnapped by his mother, the Portuguese citizen Ana Patricia Trindade, after both disappeared on May 8 from the woman’s home in Barcelona, ​​and the titular magistrate of Instruction 23 of the Catalan capital issued last Tuesday a search and arrest warrant against the woman.

The Spanish Police have officiated to the Portuguese, as this newspaper has learned, to try to locate the woman in the vicinity of Setúbal, where she is from. It is definitely “a new parental kidnapping, in this case committed by her mother,” says Joaquín Amills, of SOS Disappeared. That remarks: “Almost a month of time has been lost to locate them, in an incomprehensible way.”

“On May 8, the Mossos went to her home and there was a woman taking photos of the furniture to sell it,” continues Amills. “In other words, it was already known that this woman had the intention of leaving and, nevertheless, practically a month has passed and nobody has hardly done anything, it can’t be.”

After several complaints between the father and the mother, the first filed one because the parent would have taken the child out of school, after which the disappearance occurred.

Always according to this source, the Family Judge who deals with Bastian Riera’s care regime had already required “up to three times the mother to comply with the visits, taking into account that the two parents have joint custody, but the woman has repeatedly failed to comply, hindering the minor’s relationship with his father”.

Moreover, Amills maintains that Ana Patricia Trindade “came to file up to seven false complaints against the father, and then she did not even appear to ratify them or to testify, they were clearly instrumental complaints and without any basis.” Ella trindade “came to ask that her father’s custody be taken away, but that he continue to pay child support for him until he was 18 years old.”

According to Amills, four of the mother’s complaints against the father were filed for an alleged assault by him on her, a fifth for assault on the minor, a sixth for sexual abuse of the child and the seventh for breach of the regulatory agreement. “None of them has any foundation,” explains the spokesman for SOS Disappeared.

The woman dedicated herself during the last months, Amills maintains, to “breaking everything that social services said”, and “it was when she saw that the father could get joint custody and when the complaint for deschooling advanced when she probably saw that she had to flee “.

The woman’s escape also occurred in a particular way: “The Mossos called her when they saw that she was not at home and she picked up the phone, and told them that both she and the child were perfectly fine. However, when they asked her to make a video call so that they could see the minor, cut off the communication, and they never heard from her again. At that time, her geolocation could have been judicially ordered, and her disappearance would have been prevented, but it was not done.”

Now, little Bastian is on his way to the missing month and the authorities are finally looking for his mother, who is allegedly responsible for his disappearance. Ana Patrícia Trindade Coelho is 39 years old, 1.63 centimeters tall, has a slim build, long brown hair, and brown eyes. She and the minor’s father separated in 2019.

SOS Disappeared has requested the help of the Associaçâo Portuguesa de Crianças Desaparecidas, which carries out similar search work in cases involving children and adolescents, so that the case is disseminated in the neighboring country.

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