The Ministry of Inclusion and Social Security continues with the negotiations to reform the self-employed contribution system and has proposed quotas of between 250 and 550 euros per month during 2023, 2024 and 2025. However, ATA has rejected this proposal, which It will be analyzed when the Government and social agents meet next week.

It is, as Lorenzo Amor on Twitter lamented, an “unacceptable proposal” that, although it would lower the quota from 294 euros to 250 to 1.2 million self-employed, would also mean that these “would have 15% less benefits and pensions at lower its contribution base from 960 to 817 euros”.

Likewise, Amor pointed out that “pretending that with the one that is falling and the one that is about to fall”, the self-employed who earn more than 1,700 euros per month pay between 1,272 and 3,072 euros more per year in contributions “is to live in another world and far away of the economic reality that plagues us”.

The table proposed by the Ministry of José Luis Escrivá starts from the 250 euros per month fee for those with returns of less than 670 euros, while it could reach up to 550 euros per month for those with returns equal to or greater than 4,050.

Thus, from UPTA they value positively that the contribution system is retouched, since currently it starts from a somewhat higher base, 294 euros. “It is fair that those who can least have to make a smaller effort, those who are lucky enough to have more, have the obligation to contribute more,” explained the president of the organization, Eduardo Abad, in statements collected by Efe.

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