Sifu has got a new trailer during the Future Games Show, where programmer SloClap explores the story accompanying the rapid kung-fu activity, as well as provide more details.

The Absolver programmer revealed from the trailer precisely why you’re so devoted to learning kung-fu kicking the crap out of people in Sifu. Essentially, a bunch of ruthless assassins murdered your whole family and you’re a bloodthirsty young martial arts student on a hunt for revenge. You will find five assassins responsible for the passing of your loved ones and each one is another boss, distinct from one another and motivated by five components of Kung-Fu: Wood, fire, water, metal, and earth.

The developers do make certain that you will not just be using your fists to take down baddies in Sifu. There are as many different environments as there are directors, also it sounds like each degree will have different items and tools you can equip to clean through groups of competitions.

While the participant character seems like quite the accomplished fighter, there will inevitably be times when your enemies overwhelm you, and every time you’re revived, you grow a little older. SloClap says Sifu was designed to be hard and that there is a limit to how many times you can be revived, but we’ll have to wait a little longer to learn what happens when you reach that limit.

SloClap first disclosed Sifu through February’s State of Play occasion , where we watched some slick brawling rather than a great deal more. Nonetheless, the distinctive cel-shaded visual style and fascinating gameplay has been enough to grab our attention, and today we know that a fantastic deal more about the brawler.

Sifu is due to launch on PS4, PS5, and PC via the Epic Games Shop sometime in 2021.


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