When Begoña Vargas (Madrid, 1999) received the role of Evelyn in Paraíso, the series by The Mediapro Studio for Movistar Plus, it was clear to her that her role model was in Cruella De Vil. A villain with the skills of a femme fatale to close her glorious year: from the seventies criminal in The Laws of the Border to the choni mother in Centauro, which Netflix has just released, going through her lesbian relationship with Amaia Aberasturi in Bienvenidos to Eden. Make way.

What he wants and has always wanted is to make a living from acting. And until he got it he spent his childhood and adolescence listening to the word no. Not even she remembers in how many tests she was rejected until she heard the first yes at 19 years old. And now, four years later, she is the one who is learning to include no in her vocabulary because of the barrage of projects.

And so Begoña Vargas climbed to establish herself as one of the most fashionable actresses and as a candidate to lead the new generation of interpreters in this country. «I have not lived through that change, it has gone step by step. Many things have started to come out, to the point that there are people who don’t know what I’ve done, and that really makes you grow as a person and as a professional. I understand that from the outside it seems that I do many things, but it is a natural process.

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