Doña Leonor, Princess of Asturias and Girona, will finally visit the province from which one of her two main titles was born. This has been made official by Casa Real in the schedule of commitments for next week. Next Sunday the Royal Family will set foot in Girona four years after the King and Queen’s last visit to the city.

Princess Leonor and Infanta Sofía will appear at the Dalí theater museum in Figueres in the afternoon to take a tour of the facilities in the previous activities of the Family before the delivery of the Princess of Girona Awards. In Figueres, the Princess and the Infanta will hold a meeting with eight young people linked to the Princess of Girona Foundation and then they will visit the Museum, which will be open to the public that day

The return of the presence of the Monarchy in Girona is one more step towards democratic normality five years after the Girona city council declared Felipe VI persona non grata for his speech after the Unilateral Declaration of Independence in October 2017. Although in the Spring 2018, the Princess of Girona Awards were held at the Roca brothers’ facilities, since then no member of the Family had returned to the territory. In fact, the awards this year will be delivered the next day again in Barcelona since the mayor of Girona does not lend the municipal auditorium to celebrate them. She did not lend it in previous years and on this occasion the Princess of Girona Foundation has not requested it either, anticipating her refusal.

The visit of the Heiress to Girona takes place ten years after the then Princes of Asturias traveled to the city for two days. They were also in the territory in July 2005, when they interrupted their vacations in Palma to attend a recital in Girona. Previously, Don Felipe visited a special education center in Olot.

This is the first official commitment of the Princess since the course ended on June 17 at the UWC Atlantic College. The daughter of the Kings arrived in Madrid and last Saturday she could be seen at the Teatros del Canal, where she went with her parents to see a flamenco show.

After the visit to Figueres, on Monday Doña Leonor will deliver the Princess of Girona awards.

It is an appointment with the youth for which a full day program has been designed. In the morning, the Princess and her sister will participate in a Code workshop at the Teatre Albeniz. In the afternoon the whole family will attend the awards ceremony.

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