The lawyer Carla Vall, who represents the artist Paula Bonet, explained this Friday that the man tried this Friday accused of harassing the painter has another open case in another city for allegedly stalking another woman.

He has explained it before the trial scheduled for this Friday morning, which will be held behind closed doors and in which Bonet claims to sentence the man to four years in prison for alleged harassment and threats, and the Prosecutor’s Office has requested a sentence of three years .

Vall has said that the defendant “is a young man, socialized, has a relatively normal life but has traits of misogyny” and, asked if he thinks his defense can allege some mental illness to avoid a conviction, has assured that the forensic evaluated him, they did not point out anything that could exempt him from responsibility.

He has assessed that the messages he published against her on social networks, with threats of murder and rape, are clear and “there can be no possible misunderstanding, the intention of this man was to scare Paula and make her life impossible”.

The defendant has been in provisional prison twice for this case but a few weeks ago he was released again, after which Bonet announced that he would limit his public activity, and in this sense Vall has indicated that the artist is “accompanied everywhere , has limited walking or cycling.

He added that the artist sees the trial as “a moment of restoration of her dignity” and has wanted a forceful sentence that serves as a social message against these behaviors.

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