These vehicles simply won’t quit causing chaos.

Raven has delivered Call of Duty: Warzone’s armoured cargo trucks back to the garage, after the return of a harness that saw players use the tank-like lorries to turn invisible.

Season 4 of Warzone arrived this week, bringing with it (among other items ) a new”Big Bertha” armoured truck. If you’re acquainted with Warzone’s history, you will understand that new vehicles occasionally arrive with a pesky insect that turns players imperceptible –it occurred double with helicopters, and would not you know, it is back again.

And so, under a day after adding themannounced that it has temporarily sent back the trucks into the garage for tuning.

This isn’t the first time these trucks have generated a spot of invisibility. The Berthas were originally added in an Armored Royale LTM–a mode that has been quickly pulled since, you guessed it, the trucks had been turning players into ghosts.

Not everyone is keen on visiting the trucks return, head. While invisible players are completely a problem, Eurogamer reports that gamers had plenty more reasons to despise the near-indestructible Berthas. YouTubers have shown how powerful they could be in solos, a rolling bunker with connected turret that allows you easily gun down heaps of foes in moments.

“This is almost like Fortnite if Mechs were inserted. There was clearly superior motive but the reality is they just get abused and make the game less enjoyable for everyone unlucky enough to be steamrolled by them”

Raven’s people Trello was upgraded, and we would expect a fix to eventually bring the Berthas spine whenever possible. Whether they stick about long-term, nevertheless, remains to be seen.


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