PUBG Mobile has reached yet another major landmark, recently surpassing one billion worldwide downloads, according to PUBG Corporation.

The mega-popular PUBG Mobile lately hit another major milestone, handling to attain a staggering one billion global downloads worldwide. PUBG Mobile went in ancient 2018 only a few months after PUBG’s full discharge. A free-to-play experience for Android and iOS, the battle royale’s mobile iteration provides a fairly faithful recreation of the 100-player activity on display in the PC and console versions. It has been nothing short of an amazing success, too. In 2020, as an instance, PUBG Mobile counted among five cellular titles to surpass $1 billion in earnings.

On the weekend, PUBG Corp. declared that PUBG Mobile had reached yet another huge milestone by lately crossing one billion downloads globally. Krafton, a PUBG Corp. subsidiary, published a video by CEO C.H. Kim, who delivered a”thank you” message to enthusiasts for their unending passion and support over the past three decades.

One billion downloads is undoubtedly a remarkable accomplishment, especially for an endeavor that just celebrated its third year on the market. Much likes its PC and console counterpart, PUBG Mobile continues to evolve with upgrades that present fixes, balancing-related tweaks, and fresh content. Most importantly, 1.11 brings Metal Gear Solid V-style Fulton Balloons to the battle royale adventure, something that’s guaranteed to substantially mix up the moment-to-moment gameplay.


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