PP and Ciudadanos have harshly attacked the President of the Government, accusing him of treating the police officers sent to Catalonia to deal with the illegal referendum on 1-O with contempt and ridicule. Pedro Sánchez has referred to them as “piolines” recalling the ship with children’s illustrations in which they were housed when they were assigned to Barcelona.

The president, in his responses to the PP’s questions regarding the Pegasus case and espionage on independence leaders, has compared the territorial policy deployed by the Government of Mariano Rajoy and the one he is carrying out. It has been in this context that Sánchez has disfigured the popular ones who sent “twins to Catalonia” while what the socialists do is encourage “the Spanish soccer team to play in Catalonia without any problem or controversy” .

The PP has not been slow to react and has done so taking advantage of the face to face of its deputy Ana Belén Vázquez with the Minister of the Interior, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, whom he has urged to disavow the President of the Government for speaking of the police as ” tweety”.

Marlaska has tried to justify Sánchez’s words by explaining that with them the president was trying to refer to the “unworthy conditions” with which the Popular Executive sent police and civil guards to Catalonia.

An explanation that has not convinced Citizens either. The orange formation considers that the expression used by Sánchez has been a wink from the Government to its pro-independence allies, who usually refer to the State security forces in this way with contempt, to regain their confidence after the espionage scandal.

“Your coup partners are going to continue supporting you as long as you find public servants to dismiss or directly insult as Pedro Sánchez has done today by calling the policemen who defended us from these people on October 1, 2017, “the leader launched. of the party, Inés Arrimadas.

In the eyes of this formation, Sánchez and his government team do not have “principles” and take advantage of any support to continue in La Moncloa. “Wash your mouth before talking about our police like that,” Arrimadas claimed, emphasizing the lack of stability that the PSOE and United We Can have at the moment.

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