The president of the Popular Party, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, supports the presentation of an “unconstitutionality appeal” to stop the decree of the Generalitat against the use of 25% of Spanish in Catalan classrooms. In statements upon his arrival at the Congress of the European People’s Party, the former president of the Xunta de Galicia has defended the co-official status of Castilian and respect for court rulings. “If inevitably we are summoned due to the need to appeal to the Constitutional Court, we have already transferred it to Ciudadanos who can count on us for an appeal of unconstitutionality,” he declared. “Unfortunately, faced with a government that prefers the alliance with the Esquerra Republicana than compliance with the laws in Catalonia, faced with a government that prefers to stay in government by curtailing the rights and freedoms of the Catalans, we have to react” he stated in the Dutch city . . “The cordial bilingualism that is our hallmark, is a bilingualism that we are going to implement in Catalonia.”

“It is very sad that in the 21st century there is a government of an autonomous community that is in clear irregularity, in clear illegality, and that this government has the support of the Socialist Party of Catalonia and that the Socialist Party in Spain is leaning on the parties of that government to govern Spain. This is a political grotesque”.

Ciudadanos, for its part, has also urged the Government to immediately appeal the linguistic decree of the Generalitat before the Constitutional Court in order to achieve its immediate suspension. However, the oranges harbor serious doubts that Pedro Sánchez is going to take this step. They suspect that due to “political opportunism” and in order not to provoke a new clash with his pro-independence partners, he prefers to leave the sentence of the High Court of Justice of Catalonia unexecuted.

That is why the liberal party has proposed to the PP to present a joint appeal before the TC requesting the suspension of the decree, which in this case would not be automatic, with the argument that during the time in which it is applied and until the court decide, the rule of the Generalitat generates in the citizens a damage of impossible repair.

Ciudadanos considers that with the decree, the Generalitat “expropriates without compensation” the rights of families who want, with the law in hand, that their children receive at least 25% of classes in Spanish.

The orange formation understands that recourse to the Constitutional is the step that the Government should necessarily take. Its spokesman in Congress, Edmundo Bal, insists that in this way it would avoid weighing the application of article 155 of the Constitution by virtue of which the The central executive, with the support of the absolute parliamentary majority, could intervene in the educational competences of Catalonia.

From the ranks of Vox, the application of 155 is directly demanded after the movements of the Government to circumvent the judicial sentence that requires 25% of teaching to be taught in Spanish.

The Vox Parliamentary Group has already registered a Non-Law Proposal in this regard. From Vox it is affirmed that it is “the umpteenth challenge of the Catalan Government to the Rule of Law, by preventing by decree that the directors of educational centers apply the mandate of justice.”

From his twitter account, the leader of this party, Santiago Abascal, has denounced: “The lukewarmness of some and the vileness of others has brought us here. It is urgent to apply 155 in Catalonia until the persecution of Spaniards in their classrooms and until their leaders do not give up their constant rebellion. Whoever is not willing to apply it, step aside”.

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