United We Can prepare for a hot June as a result of the controversy over the NATO summit. Despite their critical stance, the intention of the purples was not to increase the noise in the coming days about the Atlantic meeting in Madrid -whose preview coincides with the electoral campaign in Andalusia-, but Yolanda Díaz’s denial has put in the center from the debate the half-government boycott of NATO and, consequently, forced Podemos to reconfigure its discursive strategy for the coming weeks after being disavowed again.

The second vice president refuted on Tuesday, at a press conference in La Moncloa after the Council of Ministers, the idea that the summit has been organized with “hand-picked” awards.

He also distanced himself from Ione Belarra’s party by leaving his participation in the air and justifying his absence on Monday on the anniversary of Spain’s entry into NATO by assuring that he had a medical commitment. These two clarifications totally disrupted the communication plan of Podemos in front of the summit.

The purples, after pointing out the alleged finger and claiming an alternative meeting for peace, were counting on keeping a “low profile” on the conflict, as this newspaper has learned. Do not attend, but do not reschedule the appointment either. And maintain a tactical silence so that the fire within the Government does not go further. Only defend a slogan: no minister of United We Can attend the summit. Beyond this idea, nothing. But the hubbub has increased.

In fact, Podemos rules out attending the alternative summit for peace, which is held days before in Madrid, and intended that the discourse against NATO be led by the United Left, which has confirmed its attendance at this conference for peace.

The priority objective of Podemos was not to strain the relationship with the PSOE in the Executive to the extreme and that the NATO summit did not become “the topic of the month”, at a particularly sensitive moment in the economy and in the face of elections, the Andalusian ones, in which the left is at stake a lot.

But the accusations of irregularities poured out from Podemos and not supported by Yolanda Díaz, Alberto Garzón, or the commons have forced the purple leader herself, Ione Belarra, to give explanations yesterday, although she avoided reviving the finger theory.

“I’m not going to attend, but that seems to me the least important,” Belarra cleared, who, after being unsuccessfully asked twice about whether she believes that the contract was awarded illegally, tried to focus on “if we are going to bend as a country to those external impositions that I think do not respond to the interests of the people of our country».

Yolanda Díaz, who yesterday visited the island of La Palma, kept silent despite being questioned about this matter. It is not foreseen for the moment that the Minister of Labor will clarify if she will participate in the summit.

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