The PSOE has registered in Congress a particular vote to try to rectify its mistake of last week by virtue of which it approved in the Labor Commission to remove the ceiling of Social Security contributions for the highest salaries, to force to contribute for the contributions of employers to pension plans and cut the tax advantages in personal income tax contemplated in the draft law on employment pension plans. The Socialists intend to maintain the top of the base that gives rise to the maximum contribution to Social Security at 4,139 euros per month.

The error of the PSOE when voting three amendments proposed by its government partner, United We Can, meant that these measures have been included in the opinion of the bill that must be voted by the Plenary Session of the Chamber next Thursday.

It will be in this procedure in which the PSOE will correct its mistake by submitting its individual vote to the scrutiny of the Chamber. To do this, it needs to be approved by the majority of the Plenary. Predictably, the correction of the Socialists will go ahead since the three opposition parties -PP, Vox and Ciudadanos- voted in the Social Security Commission against the initiatives of United We Can. In this way, it would be enough for these groups to abstain.

If the correction of the PSOE is approved as expected, Social Security contributions will remain ‘capped’. Currently, the maximum contribution base is set at 4,139.40 euros per month, in accordance with the General State Budget Law.

The Socialist Group thus proposes to the Chamber “to reject amendments 57, 58 and 60” of the Confederal Group of United We Can-En Comú Podem-Galicia in Common “approved and included in the Commission’s Opinion, therefore returning to what is affected by the aforementioned amendments to the report of the Paper”.

In this way, the modifications proposed by UP of the first additional provision, section One and Two, relating to article 52.1 of the Personal Income Tax Law, as well as the addition of a new final provision, by means of which it is modified Article 19.2 of the Royal Legislative Decree approving the consolidated text of the General Social Security Law.

This last article that the PSOE intends to maintain without any change is the one that establishes that “the Social Security contribution bases, in each of its regimes, will have as a maximum the amounts set for each year by the corresponding General Budget Law of the State and as a minimum limit the amounts of the minimum interprofessional salary in force at any given time, increased by one sixth, unless expressly provided otherwise”.

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