“Ascazo”. The PP does not hide in the least its rejection when learning that the Government prevented a great tribute to the policemen and civil guards who defeated ETA. The news, announced today by EL MUNDO, has caused deep indignation in the popular ranks. So much so that the party’s Secretary of the Interior, deputy Ana Vázquez, is going to register a battery of questions today “to find out why” the act was prohibited. “This submission that the Sánchez government has to Bildu’s votes is disgusting,” Vázquez assures this newspaper. In addition, the Popular Parliamentary Group is going to request the immediate appearance of the Minister of the Interior, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, in Congress to explain the reasons for this decision. The Government stopped what was to be the first act of joint tribute to the agents of the National Police and the Civil Guard who helped put an end to ETA because they did not give Felipe VI the endorsement to attend the gala. It was an event that police unions and groups from the Armed Institute had managed to agree on and to which the Royal House had shown its intention to support given its relevance.

The tribute was going to be held on April 25 at the WiZink Center, which the organizers hoped to fill by the entity of the celebration: the first of these characteristics for the protagonists and for being a joint recognition of the agents of both Corps who helped to defeat the terrorist group. For the PP, the cancellation is a serious event and not an isolated one. “This is not the first time that Marlaska and Sánchez have humiliated public servants, police officers and civil guards who gave their lives in the Basque Country in the fight against terrorism, rewarding the murderers,” says Ana Vázquez. “A few months ago, the PP presented an initiative to honor all the police officers who were stationed in the north during the years of leadership and the PSOE voted against it, something unusual,” she adds. Now, “while it allows tributes to be paid to the bloodthirsty murderers of ETA, on the other hand it does not allow a tribute to be paid to those who were the brave ones who even gave their lives and who suffered the massacre and terror of ETA in the first person” , the deputy insists. Alberto Núñez Feijóo’s party believes that there is a premeditated and “continuous” strategy of “humiliation of the State Security Forces and Bodies” by the Executive. “Homage is forbidden to them and they are called tweeters just as Mr. Rufián is called; it is a shame that the Government commits day after day to please the Catalan and Basque independence supporters,” adds Vázquez. For the PP, the request for “explanations” made by the Executive to Juan Carlos I have turned against him like “a boomerang”. And Sánchez and Marlaska must give them. The popular spokesman in the Senate, Javier Maroto, has asked them to explain all the pending issues “that directly affect their management instead of hiding in other issues.”

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