“I come to the Senate with the illusion of contributing to my country as a whole and serving the Spanish institutions.” Alberto Núñez Feijóo took possession of his seat in the Upper House yesterday with the clear objective of confronting Pedro Sánchez face to face. “We are the antithesis of sanchismo,” he summed up at a press conference – the second he has given in Madrid since he presided over the Popular Party.

The leader of the opposition harshly charged Pedro Sánchez for “the erosion of the institutions” that, in his opinion, he is carrying out, especially in Catalonia. “I regret that the current government no longer defends the State and has decided to discredit a good part of the institutions in exchange for staying in Moncloa,” he stressed. “We have seen it in the granting of pardons and we have seen it” in the law agreed by the PSC, JxCat and ERC to haggle over the ruling of the Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia that requires giving 25% of teaching hours in Spanish in that community.

For Feijóo, the PSC is guilty of “violating a judgment of the TSJC to breach the co-official status of languages ​​in Catalonia.” “If the sentences are not carried out, we are not in a state of law,” he proclaimed. In fact, the president of the PP believes that “25% is the minimum.” «I am much more in favor of the balance of cordial bilingualism». And the “balance” is 50%, as in Galicia, he insisted.

And what can the PP do to counteract this new law? Take her to the Constitutional Court? Or launch a parliamentary offensive? According to the sources consulted by EL MUNDO, it is something that Genoa is going to study seriously. “We do not rule out any scenario. We will all analyze to respond firmly to this mistaken decision, which is not only part of the independentists, but also has the endorsement of Sánchez’s party, “sources from Genoa assure this newspaper. “But we are not going to overreact,” they add.

His point is not to the independentists, but to former minister Salvador Illa, whom Feijóo accuses of crossing a red line that angers the majority of his party’s voters. In fact, Feijóo appeals directly to the vote of the traditional PSC voters who are suspicious of these maneuvers. «We are very surprised by this position of the PSC. I am convinced that the majority of PSOE voters disapprove of this pact in order to be able to spend a few more months in La Moncloa, ”said the popular leader.

In the national leadership of the PP they appeal to the moderate PSOE: “We do not expect anything from Pere Aragonès, but from a part of the PSOE we do: from Lambán, Page or, above all, Espadas.” “In the midst of the pre-Andalusian campaign, what do Espadas think of the PSC’s position?” Added PP leadership sources.

For the Galician senator, “the problem is that the law is not followed in many Catalan schools.” “There is a derogation of individual rights to be able to speak in both languages,” he added.

Asked about the veto by the Minister of the Interior, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, to the presence of the King in the act of homage to the policemen and civil guards who put an end to ETA, Feijóo replied that “he does not have a pass”. “The Minister of the Interior does not like witnessing and recognizing what has happened in Spain,” he stressed. And he pointed to Marlaska’s resignation: “There cannot be a minister responsible for that veto, if it is confirmed.”

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