More than the appointment, what was experienced this Friday at the PP Congress in Madrid was the proclamation of Isabel Díaz Ayuso as president of the party. At the polls and in the popular imagination. Because, aside from being the only candidate, the dedication of her companions was total. Especially of the four regional presidents present in pavilion 6 of Ifema: the Andalusian Juanma Moreno, the Murcian Fernando López Miras, the Galician Alfonso Rueda and the Castilian Alfonso Fernández Mañueco.

She is “the referent of many popular presidents” to “create an effective change that changes the lives of all Spaniards.” This was stated by the Murcian López Miras, who added that “never before has a government focused all its attacks on one person and a government like the one in Madrid.” And, as he detailed, that is because Ayuso “made decisions that the Government of Spain did not make to guarantee the safety and freedom of the people of Madrid” during the pandemic.

The support continued in the interventions of the rest of the autonomous leaders of the PP, who did not even mention former president Pablo Casado, whose image, after the war between Genoa and Sol, did not appear in either of the two videos of the Congress despite having been the one nominated a candidate for president. Only the until now general secretary of training in Madrid, Ana Camins, took her name.

Because yesterday everything was Ayuso and the barons were clear about it. From Mañueco placing her as an “example of management against insults” to Juanma Moreno holding her responsible for leading “the economic and social locomotive of Spain, the result of her policies” or Alfonso Rueda describing her as “a luxury of president of the Community and of the party” .

In his first party act, waiting for the congress that tomorrow will appoint him president of the PP of Galicia, the recent Galician president pointed out that Ayuso “is a good person and I multiply it by 10” and, therefore, “she deserves to be president , it is logical and it is what had to be done ».

Rueda also wanted to emphasize that during his mandate he will bet on “a Galician-style policy that serves to enrich the Spanish-style politics of the PP.” «Galician-style politics is putting Galicia ahead of everything, even ahead of our party, not wearing down the institutions, focusing on attracting employment. In short, it is fleeing from dogmas and discussions that do not interest them », he affirmed.

But if someone turned to his “friend” Ayuso, that was the Andalusian president, Juanma Moreno, involved in the pre-campaign for the Andalusian elections. «Isabel is doing important things and that is why I have been telling her for some time that I want to compete with her. Because there is nothing better than all the communities doing what Madrid is doing. That is why we are all proud of her commitment to Spain and with her dedication to Madrid », deepened the leader of the Andalusian Government.

The also candidate for re-election as president also highlighted the work that the PP has done for Spain because “without our party there is no history of this country” and also wanted to highlight his own work during the last four years at the head of the regional government. “Whenever there was talk of Andalusia, there was talk of the ERES and now there is talk of employment,” said Moreno, who was also “very proud” of “the transformation” that the popular ones are going to undertake if they reach the Government of the Nation and «of being a companion and friend of Isabel».

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