The PP welcomes the imminent return of Juan Carlos I to Spain. The monarch will arrive in Sanxenxo this Thursday to sleep at the house of his friend Pedro Campos. He will stay in the country until next Monday, May 23, before returning to his stable place of residence, Abu Dhabi.

“Welcome you to your country and hope you have a good stay in what is your home” That has been the wish of Cuca Gamarra, general secretary of the PP, at a press conference in Genoa, after the PP Steering Committee .

The number two of the popular has wanted, however, to emphasize the campaign that, in his opinion, the Executive is undertaking against the Monarchy. “Everything the government does weakens the structures and institutions of our state.” When it is not the PSOE (which supports Juan Carlos I), it is United We Can, he has limited.

Should you explain or apologize? “The PP recognizes the role that the Emeritus has played in the history of this country, and in his private life it is he who has to make his decisions, we do not enter into that.”

On the legal reform of the inviolability of the monarch, PP sources have assured that they will not go into smoke screens and will ignore the issue. As EL MUNDO advanced, the popular envoy to Zarzuela, Manuel Pizarro, cut short the PSOE’s interest in dealing with this matter.

The president of the Xunta, Alfonso Rueda, has also commented on the visit of Juan Carlos I, who is heading to Sanxenxo (Pontevedra). In his opinion, it is “good news” from the point of view of tourist “promotion”.

“He has every right” to be in Galicia, he said. “I think many people think the same. He has no court case or pending issue and he has every right to be here,” he proclaimed, at the press conference after the first weekly meeting of his Executive.

“And if you choose Galicia, it’s not a bad thing,” he added, according to Europa Press from Santiago, with the conviction that, despite the criticism and although “he respects all opinions”, the “majority of Galician men and women” they see it as him.

On the other hand, the PP “is going to continue defending” the concept of “nationality” to refer to some communities, according to Gamarra. His party will support, he has said, “each and every one of the terms of article 2 of the Constitution.”

“This is the constitutional framework, this is the framework that the PP has always defended and will continue to defend; therefore, that is our position.” “There are those who want to change the Constitution, those who want to fight it and those who want to comply with it,” said the parliamentary spokesperson for her formation.

Finally, Gamarra has demanded an apology from Pedro Sánchez for having called the policemen posted to Catalonia in 2017 “tweets”. Although the Government assures that it was a mistake and he was referring to the boat in which they were staying, those words huge stir.

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