The United We Can offensive against Pedro Sánchez in relation to defense spending intensifies with the passing of days. For a week, the purples have kept the pulse of the PSOE and openly disagree with the decision to increase the military budget to reach 2% of GDP in 2029, as the president promised before the NATO leaders a few days ago.

Now, the minority member of the Council of Ministers warns the head of the Executive that focusing on the next Budgets as an opportunity to expand spending on Defense and not on social matters can mean not only ruin for Spain, but also the unqualified end of this Government .

The coalition “is playing its re-election” with these General State Budgets, Ione Belarra, leader of Podemos and Minister of Social Rights, warned this Saturday to redouble the purple pressure towards Sánchez. The hallmark of a leftist Executive, she has said, must be a greater social investment and not promote the discourse of war.

Thus, from Podemos it has been highlighted this Saturday, after the celebration of the State Citizen Council (CCE), the need to achieve public accounts for the next year that seek to alleviate the economic effects derived from the escalation of prices. The purples will fight during the negotiation with the PSOE to include in the Budgets a fund of 10,000 million for health and public education, reduce the transport subscription to 10 euros and expand the conciliation and care policies, among other measures. A plan in which not one euro more can be allocated to “combat aircraft”, according to Belarra.

The budget negotiation in the coming months is postulated as one of the most complex in the legislature. In the ranks of Podemos they are convinced that the warmongering position of the PSOE diverts the focus from the true priority for the Government, which must be to reinforce the social shield.

“The approval of the General Budgets for the year 2023 must be the key political milestone that gives certainty to our country and marks the course of the end of the legislature. They have to be Budgets that put barriers to inflation and protect families, clearly attending to what citizens need and what people expect from a progressive government”, Belarra considered.

The rejection of the increase in military spending has earned United We Can to unify positions within the Executive among all the ministers of the branch. In fact, Yolanda Díaz has become the head of said claim, which has made it possible to verify the “retuning” between the leader of the space and the ministers Belarra and Montero at a key moment for the future of the left, since the vice president he has already set out on the path of his future political project.

However, Podemos has remained silent this Saturday and has avoided assessing the act held by Díaz just a few hours earlier, late on Friday. Sumar’s presentation, according to the organizers, “exceeded” forecasts: the Minister of Labor was willing to lead a country project for the next decade before more than 5,000 people. An act that did not have the presence of any other political leader at the express request of Díaz.

Belarra has not dedicated even a second of his speech in the CCE to assess the start of Diaz’s plan. The role that the purples will play in Díaz’s schemes remains unknown, and everything seems to indicate that it will continue to be so for at least half a year, since Díaz clearly expressed this Friday that his plans, for the moment, “are not about games “No acronyms, but to get closer to the citizenry, who will have a voice on this platform and who will draw up a “new social contract” as a result of the proposals that it will collect soon.

Belarra, yes, has insisted on the weight of Podemos as a political brand and as an engine of change in our country. Especially since he is in government, where he has “driven the most ambitious and courageous measures” of the coalition.

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