The rejection of United We Can to increase military spending is absolute and a reality that no one denies anymore. After remaining silent during the Atlantic summit so as not to unbalance the image of our country as host, the minority member of the Government is already working tirelessly to stop the commitment made by Pedro Sánchez before NATO to increase the budget for Defense. All under the premise that “Spain is not at war”.

The Secretary General of Podemos and Minister of Social Rights, Ione Belarra, has accused the president this Monday of losing the progressive “course” of the government coalition and has urged him to return to the path of policies for the final stretch of the legislature. of lefts centered in the social thing. “It is worrying that more and more people have the feeling that it is Podemos alone that raises the flags that should be the hallmark of a progressive government,” she launched.

As EL MUNDO advanced this Saturday, United We Can prepare a hot summer against Sánchez’s “unilateral” decision to increase military spending and will cry out during the following months in different public events in order to shield social policies and prevent our country participates in the warmongering escalation stemming from the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Everything, with the total fear that the entire left will turn “against” the Government and only the opposition formations will support this increase, which would definitively fracture the investiture block one year before the next general elections.

In fact, Podemos has summoned its Executive this Monday, in which Ione Belarra has taken the floor in an extraordinary way instead of the co-spokespersons of the formation, to convey its resounding refusal in the face of the budget negotiation and to present a project of assumptions “different” from the socialist “approach”. The purple roadmap goes through the creation of “a true state care system”, the increase by 70 million “investment in policies to combat sexist violence” or the tax reform plan defended for months by the purple .

In addition, from United We Can it has been proposed to the PSOE that the next General State Budgets contain a fund of 10,000 million euros to invest in health and public education. To reduce inflation, Belarra has stressed the need to continue lowering the transport subscription to 10 euros, as was proposed within the Government, and increase the SMI, “as well as updating the pensions and salaries of public employees of according to inflation.

The no to Sánchez and his intention to increase defense spending does not come exclusively from Podemos. The entire purple universe, which includes the IU, the PCE, the Green Alliance and the commons, among others, disagrees head-on with the decision and, according to the spokespersons of all the formations, the path to the approval of the next public accounts It will be long and complex.

All the actors of United We Can row in the same direction on this issue. Including Yolanda Díaz, who this Friday officially launches Sumar and about whom there was a doubt as to whether she would confront the PSOE on this issue. However, the second vice president has been forceful this Monday and she has recognized that her position has not changed since March, when she aligned herself with Podemos against this thesis.

“I think the position on this matter is known. It is very clear and I have expressed it for several months,” said the also Minister of Labor, who has asked the PSOE to be the ones to reflect during the remaining months before the approval of the following General State Budgets.

For his part, the leader of the PCE, Enrique Santiago, has valued in the same line as Belarra the socialist intention to increase the defense budget: “Spain already spends enough on military spending,” he summarized in an interview granted this Monday to TVE .

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