The succession of José Antonio Monago at the head of the Extremaduran PP with a view to the regional elections next May has been in the works for months, although time has passed without making a final decision until now, especially during the stage of Teodoro García Egea as general secretary. In that space of time two applicants appeared. On the one hand, Fernando Pizarro, mayor of Plasencia, who holds several consecutive absolute majorities, and on the other, María Guardiola, a PP councilor in the city of Cáceres and a former senior position in the PP government in the legislature that governed Extremadura.

Pizarro’s followers, in recent times, came to create a movement on social networks to get his election, but neither the previous nor the current team have finally decided on the alderman, a prestigious politician in Extremadura. Apparently, Genoa decided with the figure of him to try to tie the victory in Plasencia, one of the few cities in which the PP currently governs.

In the end, both directions, the previous one and this one, have opted for a new, young and fresh face like María Guardiola, with a renovating project, with which Genoa seeks a ‘new Ayuso’ that changes the voting trend in this autonomous community in the last two legislatures. During all this time that Monago’s succession process lasted, Guardiola did not make any kind of public demonstrations about her possible candidacy and remained on the sidelines of any controversy.

Guardiola (Cáceres, 1978), a graduate in Economics with one of the best records of her class, is a civil servant and in the legislature that governed the PP in Extremadura she held the position of General Secretary of Employment and General Secretary of Science. Subsequently, she assumed the Department of Economy in the City Council of Cáceres in the last legislature.

For his part, Fernando Pizarro assured this Friday that he was withdrawing to avoid an “unnecessary war” in Extremadura. “For that, someone has to take the step, and in this case, I took the step a year ago to say that I was available” to the PP to present my candidacy, but now, “and with all the responsibility that this entails, I give it right now” to give up this possibility.

In this sense, once his candidacy to preside over the PP of Extremadura has been ruled out, Fernando Pizarro has confirmed that he will stand for re-election to the Mayor’s Office of Plasencia in the next municipal elections of 2023. In his speech, he assured that this decision was made by way “absolutely free”, since he has not had “any encounter with anyone”, and does not imply any “compensation”, since his “greatest compensation is this city” and being mayor of Plasencia.

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