“Since there is no clash of anything, we clash in style. They will be able to look for frictions, divisions… We are not puzzles, we are pieces that make up this great family of the PP». Although Isabel Díaz Ayuso used irony yesterday about her opposition in the speech with Alberto Núñez Feijóo, the PP Congress in Madrid exhibited like never before the shared plan of Génova and Sol to take over the entire center-right, from the moderation that remains to the PSOE and gives access to La Moncloa to the ideological charge that counteracts Vox and puts within reach an absolute majority in Madrid -the regional elections are a year before the general ones, a kind of springboard-.

The distribution of roles was clear because they had never before coincided at the lectern like this Saturday, taking turns and with time to unravel their projects. Their “styles”, different “accents”; Being “pieces” that need to fit together, they shaped their strategies to that common peak: success. The regional president truffled part of her speech with references to “ETA”, “communism”, “narco-dictatorships”, “artificial tension between the sexes” or “banana republics”. In short, she opposed all cultural wars because, as she said, quoting the anthem of those who fell in the Army, “I don’t want to walk another path nor do I know how to live in another way.”

None of these terms appeared, however, in the national president’s speech, focused on “the escalation of inflation”, “management”, “the search for a very broad and diverse PP” and presenting himself as an “alternative” before ” a weak national government. Two antagonistic styles to clamp down on Pedro Sánchez from “moderation” and from “gangsterism”. Feijóo feels like president and, for this, Ayuso is a key factor in the equation, hunting where Vox bites so much.

The deliberate clash is well revealed in the references. «Now communism, which is growing in Madrid due to the ineptitude of the PSOE, comes to tell us that drugs have a medicinal purpose; from an alleged moral superiority frivolous with abortion without reflection, they tell us that joints are freedom, that ETA is an invention and that for rabid news, Francoism; tells us that the kidnappings and murders of the leaders of Bildu are childish things from the past, a matter of looks”, remarked Ayuso before speaking of “mathematics with a gender perspective”, of “the incapable ministries” and “of the shame” of We can either of “their own life of spoiled people who aspire to get home alone and drunk” or that “the greatest success” of Minister Irene Montero “is being a couple of.”

A few minutes earlier, Feijóo had pointed to the left: “He blames us for all the ills of our country”, while accusing her of generating “sterile debates” and “smokescreens”, just what Ayuso was struggling with. Bite PSOE and Vox, until almost mending.

The Central Executive is where Feijóo and Ayuso put the focus as a big game game. And again disagreeing. «Sánchez directs the most authoritarian and least loyal government to the Spaniards of democracy. He does not know how to manage and is not clear about what Spain is, nor is he interested in it. It is the Executive that is colonizing our institutions through people with worse preparation, without being civil servants, graduates or having merit and in almost all cases with a high ideological and sectarian burden, “contributed the Madrilenian.

Less incisive, the national president focused on highlighting that the current one is “a weak government.” «The least prepared of democracy and I say this very worried because he does not have the capacity to decide. He has shown his internal weakness and being a prisoner of the parties », he remarked before sentencing:« They know that every day they are closer to losing the elections in Madrid and the general ones. Prepare yourself, Isabel, I am prepared for them to attack us every day. Good sign.”

It was Feijóo himself who in his speech contrasted his model of “the highlands” with that of the 37 degrees that were going to be reached in Madrid. And the capital was another of the issues to be dealt with by both him and Ayuso. The president had already warned two weeks ago that she would look for a “gang member” and “street” PP. Yesterday he opted for “tavern.” «Madrid is the rearguard, the Spain with desire, the government that the Spaniards lose until the PP returns to Moncloa. That will be your moment, Alberto, and you will have this team of taverns at your disposal.

For his part, the Galician focused on the fact that “Madrid is a hospitable land, a sum of all, the place where every Spaniard feels from Madrid for being Spanish.” And he added, in an exchange of compliments, that he presided over his debate: “It is important to find a leader who resembles the land that he is going to serve. When a man or a woman appears capable of interpreting and mixing with the land he is going to serve, that leader emerges, whom the others follow. Isabel’s greatest success is being the president who most resembles Madrid.”

This was the first fire that Feijóo put out as president due to the statements of its general coordinator, Elías Bendodo, about Spanish “plurinationality”. But, this Saturday, the Galician made a nod in his speech to a regionalism that he always practiced in the Xunta with the reference to “understanding between the peoples that make up the nation.” Of them he assured that they must be “united in the face of the difficult moment we are going through.”

On the opposite side, focusing on the Community of Madrid, Ayuso took a position, stating that Madrid is “universal” and “we are not going to invent Madrid regionalism now; here we are all Madrid, because 45% of those who are here were not even born in this region». He also underlined that Madrid-Spain: «Madrid is a counterweight, not a terroir to which nothing has to matter what happens in other corners of the country».

Feijóo, who ceded the closing of the Congress to the president of Madrid, also makes it clear that he and Ayuso are from “two generations” and “different people” with “different formations.” Hence the differences in approach despite “the union” under the same acronym as the popular ones. “We both believe that politics comes to serve and not to be served. We both believe in a policy where we only have the objective of getting it right. It is evident that many things have been said about Isabel and me, when we were colleagues, now we are not. When the PP goes well, there is always someone willing to destabilize », he concluded, to reaffirm the shared identity.

But Ayuso closed on the other hand, with “the clash of styles”, which is “a clash of nothing” when you are “a family” and, above all, sealed: “You are going to be president”, with her in her best paper.

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