First face-to-face between the President of the Government and the leader of the PP in parliament. Alberto Núñez Feijóo has opted against Pedro Sánchez to avoid disqualifications in the parliamentary debate and has urged the President of the Government to descend to the field of difficulties faced by Spanish families in response to the proposal for economic measures drawn up by his party to deal with the inflationary crisis that is already overflowing the pockets of citizens. Feijóo has reached out his hand offering his party to “add and build” but the response he has received from Sánchez is that he only dedicates himself “to get in the way”.

The popular has claimed “useful politics without insults and without anger”, has assured that his intention is to work and in that sense has reproached the president for not having given any response to the economic plan that he sent him weeks ago. Thus, he has urged him to return to the medium and low incomes the 4,000 million euros collected in excess and to lower the VAT on hydrocarbons to 5%. “You have more European funds than ever and you have raised 24 taxes, why despite that do you insist on indebting the Spanish at 210 million euros a day?”, he snapped; “Why do you insist on paying attention to minorities when they are not right? One thing is to govern and another to resist,” he has disfigured him before throwing the dart at him: “Could you live up to the majority of Spaniards and stop being on the side of minorities?

Sánchez has responded with increasing acrimony by making an attempt to once again pair the PP with the extreme right of Vox. Two parties with which, according to the president, it has been impossible to reach agreements unlike, he has recalled, from other parliamentary groups or social agents. It was then that he summoned Feijóo to make an “opposition of the State” and accused the PP of dedicating itself only to “get in the way”.

The head of the Executive has assured that the PP “does not comply with the Constitution”, has urged his interlocutor to renew the constitutional bodies and has criticized him for “speak ill of Spain” abroad.

Feijóo has insisted that Sánchez’s problem is that “he has no state partners” and has compared the president to the driver who is going the wrong way down the road: “You are already going against the Spanish.” The leader of the PP has ended his intervention by urging Sánchez to “forget the Feijóo effect and focus on the inflation effect.”

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