Cuca Gamarra, Javier Maroto and Dolors Montserrat will be ratified tomorrow Monday in the National Executive Committee of the PP as spokespersons in Congress, the Senate and the European Parliament, respectively, party sources have advanced.

As they have indicated, the proposal of Alberto Núñez Feijóo, who as president of the PP is also president of the parliamentary groups, is to bet on the experience in the exercise of the positions of three people elected prior to the Congress of Seville and whose value is more that accredited.

The ratification will take place in a meeting of the National Executive Committee of the formation now directed by Núñez Feijóo that will serve to continue advancing in the configuration of teams of the new Popular Party.

This was one of the decisions that had yet to be confirmed since Feijóo’s election as leader of the PP on April 2, not so much in the case of Cuca Gamarra, which most of the party’s leaders took for granted, as in those of Javier Maroto and Dolors Montserrat.

More than 40 days after his election and after having already left the Presidency of the Xunta de Galicia and that of the Galician PP, the new leader of the Popular Party will finish off in the next few dates the fringes of what will be the new stage of his training.

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