Alberto Núñez Feijóo has challenged this Thursday the Government to immediately suspend the application of the decree that promotes the “linguistic apartheid” of Catalonia. The president of the PP has criticized the inaction of the national Executive and has reminded him that he can request a report from the Council of State so that the application of the decree with which the Generalitat has tried to circumvent the sentence that forces it to give 25% of the classes in Spanish.

In an interview on Onda Cero, the president of the PP advocated that the laws be complied with and that the fundamental rights of Catalan students and families be respected: “We cannot accept that Spain is not a state of law.” “Going back to the old ways of linguistic apartheid is inappropriate,” he has insisted.

The leader of the main opposition party has stressed that in this case the Catalan government “legislates against” the courts and the laws and “is not going to abide by and comply with the ruling of the High Court of Justice of Catalonia.” “And furthermore, the central government is not willing to appeal that decree and leave it in abeyance”, he has censured once again.

Feijóo believes that Sánchez’s tancredista strategy is due to his parliamentary weakness and has remarked that, if it were not an independence party on which the stability of the Government depends, he would have already appealed the decree. “Having a president who looks the other way in the execution of a sentence is something atypical and anomalous.”

Within his defense of a cordial bilingualism that maintains the percentage of hours given in each co-official language at 50%, Feijóo has stressed that both Spanish and Catalan “must be vehicular”.

The leader of the PP has celebrated the drop in unemployment but has criticized the “makeup” of the figures with the discontinuous fixed numbers that supposes an “indefinite precariousness”, something that “the Spaniards do not deserve”.

The Second Vice President and Minister of Labor, Yolanda Díaz, has replied that these statements mean that “he is not prepared to govern.” The discontinuous fixed lines “are not unemployed”, she has said, but they have a “quality” contract, they are quoted in “all their extremes”, they are “stable” and their rights are guaranteed.

Feijóo has also underlined that “the labor market is nothing to write home about”, since “we have twice as much unemployment as the EU average”. And he has made ugly that the labor reform promised by PSOE and Podemos has not been carried out, thus breaching another of the commitments of the motion of censure and that adjustments have only been made to receive the first funds from the EU.

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