The electoral campaign in Andalusia is accelerating the complex process of metamorphosis that is preparing the space to the left of the PSOE. At the same time that Podemos evidences its internal struggle with the United Left -and that already affects the governmental structure of the coalition-, Yolanda Díaz stages her closeness with Íñigo Errejón, who will avoid sharing the stage these days with any minister of the purple party.

As EL MUNDO has learned, the leader of Más País will not participate throughout the 19-J campaign in any act with national leaders of Podemos or Izquierda Unida and limits his time in Andalusia to events with the militancy, regional leaders and only an appearance with Yolanda Díaz. It will be this Sunday in Malaga, one day after the second vice president coincides with the minister Ione Belarra in Córdoba, and a few days before all the ministers of United We Can -Yolanda Díaz included- support Inma Nieto in the central act in Dos Hermanas (Seville), on Tuesday.

Errejón rules out campaigning with the leadership of Podemos despite the fact that the act with Díaz -and today, in addition, with territorial leaders of IU in another event- are proof of the thaw that the leader of Más País is experiencing with his previous space companions . However, the internal war in United We Can on the eve of the listening process for Yolanda Díaz starts, brings uncertainty to the political landscape to the left of the PSOE and may condition the future of the Por Andalucía campaign.

In fact, the disagreements between Podemos and IU already resonate in the configuration of the coalition at an institutional level. Yesterday Irene Montero dismissed Amanda Meyer as Chief of Staff at the Ministry of Equality. The dismissal comes at the height of the deterioration of relations between the two after the confrontation and tension that occurred between the two parties during the construction of the joint candidacy in Andalusia ahead of the regional elections on June 19.

That pulse ended up being lost by Podemos thanks to the decisive support that Yolanda Díaz gave IU so that Inma Nieto was finally the candidate for Por Andalucía to the detriment of Juan Antonio Delgado, the purple candidate. The management of those harsh negotiations deteriorated relations between Montero, number two of Podemos, and Amanda Meyer, who is a member of the IU Executive and a leader of the PCE.

Official sources from the Ministry of Equality confirmed yesterday the relief, advanced by La Vanguardia, but they framed it within “normality” and the opening of a new cycle. “It is a change of stage in terms of the cabinet leadership, after the approval of the Sexual Freedom Law in Congress, for this last year and a half of the legislature,” said these sources. Similarly, from United We Can denied that this specific movement can open the door to more changes in the purple branch of the Government.

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