The Congress of Deputies has urged the Government of Pedro Sánchez on Tuesday to initiate the necessary procedures to declare Vladimir Putin and the senior Kremlin officials persona non grata with the support of the PSOE, the Popular Party, Citizens and Vox.

This request is part of a transactional amendment that has seen the green light despite not having the support of the minority member of the coalition Executive. United We Can has abstained in the Foreign Affairs Committee on this transactional amendment included in the non-law proposal (PNL) presented by Ciudadanos.

Shortly before, a similar NLP from Vox, which also called for Putin to be immediately declared non grata, was ruled out. It has had the support of the PP and Ciudadanos, but the contrary vote of the PSOE, United We Can and the investiture bloc has overturned the proposal presented by Santiago Abascal’s party.

According to detailed purple sources, United We Can “agreed” to name Putin persona non grata, but rejected several of the sections of the text, such as support for sending more weapons to Ukraine. For this reason, the party requested to vote by points in order to unfold its position regarding the various contents of the proposal, something that has finally not been allowed.

Finally, the party commanded in Congress by Pablo Echenique has chosen to abstain, given that, according to reports from the purple ranks, the group is not willing to change its position on sending offensive material to the Ukrainian resistance, an issue that in recent months it has divided within the Government and strained relations even within the confederal space.

The PNL also calls on the government to publicly express “its support” for Ukraine’s bid to join the European Union, as well as to continue to support cooperation between the European Union and NATO.

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