Vox calls on Alberto Núñez Feijóo’s PP for “clarity” about the state model they want for Spain because it considers that the popular do not have a clear idea of ​​the nation and do have “many doubts”, as Santiago Abascal denounced during an interview with Federico Jiménez Losantos in Esradio.

“The other day we heard Mr. Elías Bendodo say that Spain is a plurinational state. But of course they listen to Feijóo speak, I think erroneously but with a certain finesse, in Catalonia about nationalities” and then “in Andalusia they talk about Spain is a multinational state. They have to be clarified, asked Abascal, who made it clear that any agreement in Andalusia with the PP will be similar to that of Castilla y León: program and Government, ruling out an Ayuso route like the one in Madrid.

The president of Vox, assures that his formation, today, would obtain the same seats with which the PP candidate, Juan Manuel Moreno, managed to take over the Presidency of the Board. He affirms that his party continues to trend upwards while the PP falls.

“We are facing elections in Andalusia in which we are given data that means obtaining the same number of deputies as those obtained by Juanma Moreno in the previous elections that have allowed him to govern,” he says.

And he accuses the PP of “scolding voters when they are told that they have to vote well and that if they don’t they will repeat elections.” He announced that the situation in Madrid with Ayuso “is over. There will be no difference with Castilla y León”, referring to an agreed program and Vox’s entry into the Government.

He defends the candidacy of Macarena Olona as “the best”, “and that is why they have gone against her, some by action and others with complicit silence”, in reference to the president of the Board and the PP candidate.

Abascal denounced the breaches of the agreements signed with the PP and pointed out its key points to achieve progress in future pacts. The leader of Vox considers it key “that the Andalusian Government stop contributing to the call effect.” He defends an agreement with the PP to act against immigrants who are irregularly in Andalusia.

In addition, he insists on “cutting political spending, which has been clearly insufficient.” He denounces the “fiscal looting and the increase in public employment in the heat of the regional model.”

He insists that one of his demands will again be the repeal of all “leftist legislation, both in terms of gender and historical memory. We are not in favor of imposing any type of memory.”

Regarding national politics, Abascal insisted that, although there are important differences with the PP, “the priority is to kick Pedro Sánchez out of the government.” And he put some doubt on the table that he is again the President of the Government candidate for the general elections if he suspects that he may lose.

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