Niantic is kicking off a new Pokemon Go event next week themed after Electric-type Pokemon. The Charge Up event begins at 10 AM local time on March 16, and it introduces Therian Forme Thundurus to the game, as well as increased Electric Pokemon spawns, new Research tasks to complete, and more.

Therian Forme Thundurus will start emerging in five-star Raids once the event begins, marking the very first time you may catch this edition of the Gen 5 Legendary in Pokemon Move . That’s not the only new form debuting, nevertheless; Niantic is introducing Mega Manectric as a Mega Raid boss during the occasion. Defeating it will net you Manectric Mega Energy, which you’re going to be able to use to Mega Evolve your own Manectric.

Besides the new types, various Electric-type Pokemon–such as Alolan Geodude, Electrike, and Stunfisk–will be appearing more frequently in the wild and lower-tier Raids throughout the event, and you’ll have your first opportunity to catch catch Tynamo. Electric Pokemon like Pichu, Joltik, and Elekid will also be hatching from 5 kilometers eggs.

On top of this, Niantic will provide a ton of event-exclusive Field and Timed Research jobs. Completing these can net you rewards such as extra Poke Balls and Mega Energy for Manectric and Ampharos. You will even be more likely to get development items in presents you get from friends throughout the event.

You can read additional information on the official Pokemon Visit blog.

Meanwhile, Incarnate Forme Tornadus is back in five star Raids until March 11, and the Looking for Legends occasion is underway till March 14. Niantic is also holding a unique Incense Day on March 14. During this event, you will be more likely to encounter Beldum and other Steel- and Psychic-type Pokemon if you use Incense, and you’ll have another chance to get a Metagross that knows Meteor Mash.


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