During the first two days of the Sanfermines, the Foral Police have arrested 15 people, two of them men accused of sexual abuse, and have collected 103 criminal complaints for theft.

As detailed in a statement, two men have been arrested for sexual abuse, some committed on Labrit Street and others on Avenida del Ejército, on a minor.

For crimes of theft four people have been arrested in the old town, one of them was in possession of 13 mobile phones and for crimes of resistance and attack there have been four arrests.

In addition, in a citizen security control held in Sarasa (A15) one person was arrested due to judicial requisition, in the bus station, a man for damages, when pulling up a barrier, and in Duque de Ahumada street two people for injuries after be involved in a fight.

Finally, in the preventive controls, two drivers have been charged in Ezkabarte for criminal blood alcohol levels.

The complaints reception office processed the first two days 173 complaints for theft, 3 for injuries, 2 for fraud and 1 for sexual abuse, which have passed to the investigation phase in the judicial police.

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