Nvidia might be restricting the cryptocurrency mining functioning of the brand new RTX 3060, but it has confirmed to us that it’s”not restricting the operation of GPUs already sold.” Thus, if you’re the proud proprietor of a Vietnamese online café, who has only invested in a lot of Nvidia RTX 3080 cards, do not despair, you will continue to have the ability to update your drivers and make a whole lot of cash from mining.

The green team announced that the brand new release drivers for the RTX 3060 will confine the hash rate of their new mainstream Ampere card if it finds particular characteristics of this Etherium cryptocurrency mining algorithm. That speed limit will cut the mining operation of the new mainstream Ampere GPU by half.

The method is intended to generate the most inexpensive RTX 30-series GPU so far less desired for miners, with the aim that it will mean each of the new cards find their way to gaming PCs rather than power-draining mining rigs. Nvidia says it’s”a significant step to help ensure GeForce GPUs find yourself in the hands of gamers.”

Thinking about it, that’s completely fair. As Jacob pointed out to me while we may not enjoy what GPU mining is doing to the inventory of contemporary graphics cards, it’s not illegal. And so, for Nvidia to cut the operation of something that individuals might have really bought for mining after the fact could be bad shape indeed. And in some alternate world there might potentially have been some legal repercussions too.

That means anything in the Nvidia RTX 3060 Ti, and previously, are still fair game for GPU mining. Although the green team is working to maneuver cryptocurrency lovers away from its GeForce cards by assembling a completely different silicon stream, the Cryptocurrency Mining Processor, or Nvidia CMP.

All these are non-gaming cards, even without video outputs, also with reduced frequency and voltage settings to boost mining efficiency, and”don’t meet the specifications demanded of a GeForce GPU and, thus, don’t affect the availability of GeForce GPUs to players .”

We don’t know what’s in those CMP cards since Nvidia isn’t commenting further on the make up of this new silicon, but we are starting to suspect that the four CMP chips announced today will be shaped of the two Turing and Ampere GPUs. The top card, the 90HX, looks suspiciously as an RTX 3080, although others might easily be older Turing chips.

If Nvidia is utilizing its last-gen 12nm GPUs for the reduced purchase CMP cards, then that might go some way to describing this new generation of Nvidia products won’t have any impact on the creation of GeForce cards for us GPU-starved PC gamers.


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