EA has patented a technology which could allow individuals to flow games whenever they download from the background.

Described as a”lively video game customer,” the tech attempts to test whether a match being launched was downloaded to the user’s PC. Otherwise, the match will rather be streamed upon petition, whether it downloads in the background.

It is a fairly nifty piece of technologies if EA goes everywhere with itit states it attempts to bridge the”time consuming” setup procedure, which with the magnitude of a few games nowadays (considering you, Warzone) may take hours. Bit annoying if you are trying to jump into a match with your teammates, but do not have it installed.

That is not to say it will be ideal, however. A good deal of net connections still are not up to scratch for streaming matches in a consistently very good quality–toss a 100GB+ download in the background and also when your net is anything like mine, then it’s going buckle within minutes.

There is already a lot of similar technology knocking around: World of Warcraft’s launcher has distinct phases of critical download information which lets you play with the game before it is already set up, albeit in a lower equilibrium. A lot of different games will typically allow you to play with the first assignment or a little section before the remainder downloads, also.

These generally involve a tiny preliminary download, however, and EA’s patent seems to remove that completely. It sounds really convinient and the next time you have the impulse to come back to a match you have long flashed, you will not need to wait for hours to perform with it.


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