The next-gen version will include new items inspired by the show and all existing owners will receive it free of charge.

The Witcher 3 – Wild Hunt is available on PC since almost six years. Its grand finale, Blood and Wine, has been available for over five years. Despite the fact that the game is old, there is still new content: An next generation update will be released later in the year for the Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5. There will also be new DLC content based off the Netflix series.

The new content will be revealed soon, although it is unclear if that will mean later today or later in the year. Don’t let your hopes get too high. This DLC won’t be new destinations or quests. The updated cover art of the “Complete Edition”, The Witcher 3, states that the edition will contain “extra items inspired from the Netflix series”–swords and armor, as well as something for Roach.

The addition of new items is not unusual: CD Projekt released 16 DLC packs after The Witcher 3’s release, including new quests and outfits, contracts, Gwent card cards, and many more. Although it is not common for six-year-old games to suddenly have new content, I think it is possible that the next-gen game will contain more.

The new content is still free. I’m a huge fan of free. The release date of the next-gen editions of The Witcher 3 and Wild Hunt is not yet known. However, CD Projekt has stated that the upgrade will be available to all those who own the game. I have reached out to the studio and will update as soon as I receive the details.

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