The alleged perpetrator of the sexual assault committed in the Mendillorri neighborhood on Saturday night has turned himself in to the Foral Police and is a person from another autonomous community, the mayor of Pamplona, ​​Enrique Maya, has pointed out.

This has been pointed out to the media by the mayor, who has indicated that the Government of Navarra has confirmed this point. Maya has taken the opportunity to make a provisional balance of what is going on at the party and has explained that “the perception is very good”.

“There is a good atmosphere, starting on Sunday with fewer people, almost all in white and red. Very happy, except for the Curia street issue, which was tremendous,” he added.

“I said it from minute one, let the judges decide what they have to decide. What I am satisfied with is the work of the police forces that have identified the aggressors,” he concluded.

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