Once again the nationalist left has tried to become the protagonist of the San Fermín festivities. One more year it has been involved in incidents during the San Fermín procession. Its main objective: UPN. The consequences of his actions, after injured municipal police officers.

The incidents have been recorded at the end of the San Fermín procession, when the Pamplona Corporation accompanied the Cabildo to the Cathedral

As shown in the images, the members of the corporation were rebuked, harassed and threatened with shouts of “UPN kampora”.

Even the representatives of the clergy were also threatened in Curia Street. Like the police and politicians, they were victims of spitting and insults. When the procession, encapsulated by municipal police officers, was about to reach its final destination, a bottle was thrown that hit one of the local police officers in the head.

As witnesses to the events explained to this newspaper, “it was a trap”, that area of ​​the old town “becomes a mousetrap” where the nationalist left always tries to “corner and threaten” the representatives of the Consistory, fundamentally those of Union of the Navarrese People.

Police sources explained that, despite the fact that the area is being studied and it is known that incidents may occur, it was not expected that this time the pressure would be so great. Hours before the tour began, plainclothes agents inspected the area to try to detect possible threats.

Now, the agents are already analyzing the images, both those that they have produced and those that they have collected from assistants, to try to identify the aggressors. “We have little doubt that those who have attacked the agents will be identified,” these sources point out. They explain that in that area the Abertzales always gather and also many UPN supporters who come to applaud their own. Enrique Maya, the current mayor, was one of the main targets of the radicals in their harassment.

“The Corporation, the Cathedral Chapter and the rest of the entourage have suffered a fascist attack carried out by the nationalist left on the way up Curia Street,” says a statement by the Board of Spokespersons approved by Navarra Suma and PSN, which As specified, it has had the vote against Geroa Bai and the abstention of EH Bildu, according to Efe.

“In it it is underlined that “only the brave and professional action of the Municipal Police, supported by agents from other Spanish towns, has prevented an authentic lynching of the councilors of Navarra Suma and the Socialist Party of Navarra and, especially, of the mayor , priority objective of perfectly organized aggressors”.

Three Municipal Police officers have been injured to varying degrees in the face, ankle and nose, the latter at this time in the operating room.

Acts that the Board of Spokespersons of the Pamplona City Council “condemns without palliatives”, while showing its “gratitude” to the agents who have participated in the device and its “support and solidarity to the injured policemen”.

After the incidents, the mayor of Pamplona, ​​Enrique Maya (Navarra Suma), has denounced in statements to Efe the “fascism” that has led to the attack on the municipal corporation, an act that “exceeds all limits”.

“It was a very prepared attack”, something “very organized”, which “was noticeable in the atmosphere” at the end of the mass in honor of San Fermín, it was “a strange atmosphere” with “permanent insults, especially towards me “, he said, and added that upon reaching the final stretch of the procession, on Curia Street, when the City Council accompanies the council to the cathedral, it has already been “unbearable”.

Maya has described what happened as “fascism” and has commented that “they were waiting for some specific councilors to harass them, with a councilor lying on the ground because she fell”, facts that in her opinion “are already past dark brown” and that people of different ages have starred because “someone with a gray mustache who was a little young man has sneaked up next to me.”

They had “hatred in their faces”, it has been “almost like a lynching”, he added, while denouncing that those responsible are “from Bildu’s environment”. “They had everything organized”, with printing papers and banners, Maya has said, and someone “heard” the nationalist spokesman in Pamplona, ​​Joseba Asirón, “saying that we were doing little theater”.

For Enrique Maya, they were the ones who “had been warming up the atmosphere for a long time”, something that he lamented when the parties “went wonderfully”, and he has asserted that these incidents “are repeated, but not with this aggressiveness”.

“And the most serious thing is that in a democratic city like this there are people on the street who are going to hunt down and lynch some councillors. It doesn’t sound like it happens in other cities in Spain, but it’s happening here”, stressed the mayor of Pamplona , who in less than two hours will preside over the bullfight on San Fermín and is already waiting for “a whistle because they don’t accept democracy.”

In this sense, he pointed out that these are situations that “hurt” but this afternoon he wanted to thank above all that sentiment the work of the Pamplona Municipal Police and other local police forces that are currently in the capital of Navarra because “without them I don’t know how this would have ended.”

The municipal group of EH Bildu in the Pamplona City Council regrets the incidents that occurred in the San Fermín procession as it passed through Curia Street, “aggressions that can in no way be justified”.

“Aggressions are out of place,” says the nationalist coalition in a statement, in which it adds that “one thing is political criticism and another is aggression.”

After expressing his “solidarity with all the people who have been injured”, among which he refers to “two agents of the Municipal Police and some member of the Corporation”, EH Bildu underlines “the good progress of the procession” on the second day of Sanfermines and thanks “the good general atmosphere that has been felt throughout the event”.

“A festive, vindictive atmosphere, which has been characterized by the participation of Pamploneses and Pamploneses”, he affirms before “encouraging citizens to enjoy the festivities”.

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