Sonic’s next big title may not arrive until 2022. The blue blur is making a mess of Minecraft in a 30th anniversary DLC to Mojang’s sandbox.

This is not the first Minecraft crossover, but Sonic might be the most ambitious. Mojang, unlike most packs that include a themed world in their packs, has made an honest-to–hedgehog Sonic game. They have created what sounds like a system that procedurally generates 3D Sonic maps-loop-de–loops and everything.

There are power-ups and ring to be collected, speed boosts, bounce maps, and enemies to be flung around the map. You also have multiple biomes that range from chemical plants to the iconic chequerboard hills, which, while they look great with Minecraft’s blocky appearance, it is not difficult to find.

Despite this, Sonic and his pals look a bit strange all Minecrafted up. Although the artists clearly put a lot into this piece, I can’t get over your man’s cuboid spines. These things wouldn’t harm a fly, not even an egg-shaped supervillain.


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