Until March 15, you can snag a copy of 4A Games’ post-apocalyptic shot free of charge for PC.

In case you’re searching for something to play this weekend on PC, Steam is currently giving away a terrific first-person shooter. It is important to note that the freebie is the original version of Metro 2033, not the improved variant known as Metro 2033 Redux. The giveaway coincides with a franchise economy that includes the other two entries in the series for cheap.

Adapted from the Russian book of the identical title by Dmitry Glukhovsky, Metro 2033 initially released in 2010. Set into a post-nuclear apocalypse, Metro 2033 mostly takes place from the twisting tunnels of Moscow’s underground metro system. You perform Artyom, a young guy who has spent the huge majority of his life from the tunnels. After the station he resides in is attacked by mysterious creatures, Artyom leaves house to investigate and find help.

Metro 2033 is marked by its dreary, tense atmosphere and survival-oriented gameplay. It made an 8/10 within our Metro 2033 inspection .

Metro 2033 Redux and Metro Last moderate Redux are on sale for $4 on Steam this weekend. You can even get the latest entry in the series, Metro Exodus, for only $13.59.


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