According to a video by Battlefield leaker Tom Henderson (viaVG247), Battlefield 2042’s third mode is still unknown.

Battlefield 2042 was revealed just before E3, revealing two of its three modes. The massive 128-player All-Out Warfare is the most popular, while a Hazard Zone describes a smaller, squad-based affair. The third mode of 2042 has been kept secret and is only a “love note” to series fans.

The leaker this week said that the third mode, Battlefield 2042 was a nostalgic sandbox. Battlefield Hub is described as the “ultimate Sandbox Experience” and will include remasters maps from the series’ past, as well as weapons and vehicles from all over the franchise (and the history).

My source says this won’t be a competitive or balanced experience. This is going to provide the ultimate sandbox experience where players can have fun.

It is said that the gameplay is straight from 2042’s, and that any class system previously used will be replaced by those game’s specialists. The video also explores Hazard Zone. Henderson claims that Hazard Zone will be free to play with battle passes, seasons, and battle points. Henderson likens its gameplay to battle royale-related games like Escape From Tarkov.


Henderson emphasizes that these leaks are accompanied by a “huge amount of salt”. Although his leaks were accurate in the past, Henderson notes that his sources could not back them up and that his earlier reports had more solid proof.

These leaks will be confirmed by EA when they reveal the mode at EAPlay next month. Battlefield 2042 will be available at a data component-tracked=”1″, data-url=” and%20a%20cutting%2Dedge%20arsenal. and%20a%20cutting%2Dedge%20arsenal. “>Origin and Steam on October 22.


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