Two ban waves were issued recently that targeted repeat offenders.

Developer Raven announced that Call of Duty Warzone banned over 50,000 cheaters last Friday.

Raven posted a short anti-cheat update via Twitter. She revealed that the latest batch of cheaters had been kicked out by two separate ban waves. These waves were primarily targeted at repeat offenders and accounts Raven had caught cheating.

This mass ban is the latest attempt to stop cheaters. Warzone has been struggling with this problem for a long time. Raven had banned more than 30,000 accounts in one day in May. This brought the total number of bans to over half a millennium.

This has not stopped cheaters trying to stop Raven’s battle royale. Activision intervened last week to stop an “undetectable” and “unstoppable” aim assist cheat. This cheat used machine learning and third party software to take control of the screen whenever an enemy player appeared.

The frustration of Warzone players with cheaters has spread to legit players as well. To counter allegations of foul play, one Warzone pro who holds a world record used an absurd five camera stream setup.


A second ban wave could provide a temporary, but welcome, reprieve. Raven’s reply shows a community tired of mass bans and desperate for a permanent solution to Warzone cheating.


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