Pedro Sánchez has been widely criticized for his attempt to introduce the tentacles of the Executive in the agencies and in the other two powers of the State to supply his governmental minority and impose its decisions. From the CIS to the INE, passing through the neglect and manipulated control of Parliament, there have been many complaints about its heterodox sense of institutionality, but none of its transcendence, even going beyond national limits, such as the claim to colonize Justice. A work in which the State Attorney General, Dolores Delgado, appears as the last icon until yesterday.

“Lola”, for friends and for former commissioner Villarejo, changed without interruption the portfolio of Justice for that of the highest authority in the Public Ministry. Sánchez decided it without blushing. “Who does the Prosecutor’s Office depend on?”, the president had asked himself months before and he himself answered: “Well, that”, from the Government. Said and done.

It did not matter that the career, whose mission is to exercise the action of justice “in defense of legality, the rights of citizens and the public interest protected by the Law (…), as well as ensuring the independence of the Courts and seek before them the satisfaction of the social interest”, will remain in ideologically marked hands and at the disposal of the Government’s interest. It has remained that way for two and a half years, a period during which Delgado has not only been unable to rid himself of the pro-government label but, with his decisions and appointments, has done nothing but sew it to his lapel with reinforced stitching.

So much so, that his appointment even caused the scandal of the European institutions. The last pronouncement of Brussels, on the 13th, on the quality of democracy and the rule of law in Spain, was meridian. The European Commission called for the strengthening of the Attorney General’s Office by separating the mandate of its highest representative from the governmental sphere in order to comply with the EU standard.

Delgado’s case is a clear example of the government’s intention to violate the principle of the separation of powers vetoes him. The Legislative has also been the target of Moncloa in its objective of sweeping away any obstacle in the path of the president.

From the abuse of the decree law as a convenient way to circumvent the debate and amendment work of Parliament, to the submission of the president of Congress, Meritxell Batet, to the orders of Sánchez to change, at the convenience of his political urgency, the necessary majorities for the election of the members of the Official Secrets Commission. Maneuvers, loopholes and tricks have occurred mediating the constitutional work of Parliament.

The challenge to the institutional order has crossed many limits since Sánchez’s first decision to place one of the members of his Executive at the head of the CIS. José Félix Tezanos, a sociologist with a party card, has stained the surveys paid for with everyone’s money and the prestige of the public demographic body with his biased cuisine. The assault on the CIS was the first attempt. Sánchez prevailed and since then the colonizing plan has not stopped advancing.

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