An Italian nanny has confessed that she threw the 13-month-old baby she cared for out of the window and that since last Tuesday he has been admitted in serious condition to a Modena hospital, and has explained that he did it during “an attack of catalepsy,” they report. local media today.

“It was I who threw the child out the window. It was not a premeditated gesture, but the result of an illness that suddenly came over me, I found myself in a state of catalepsy, I felt suffocated and I made that gesture that I cannot give a thumbs up to.” justification”, declared Monica Santi, as revealed by her lawyer.

The events happened last Tuesday, when the 32-year-old woman was taking care of the child in the town of Soliera (Modena) and threw him without saying a word from the second floor, causing serious injuries.

The nanny, accused of attempted murder, is admitted to the Modena prison, where today she “spontaneously” confessed to the judge that that day she was “in a parallel reality” and that after throwing the baby she went to look for the cleaning woman and told him: “Now the child is free,” explained the lawyer.

The judge has ordered a psychiatric examination to evaluate the woman’s condition and has confirmed the arrest warrant, a measure supported by her lawyers, who fear that she will suffer some type of psychological disorder again and that they consider that this way she is more protected from herself.

The little boy is still hospitalized at the Maggiore Hospital in Bologna in a very serious condition, although according to the doctors he is reacting well to the treatment.

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