The author of the shooting in Buffalo (United States), which killed at least 10 people in a supermarket for racial reasons, broadcast the attack live through Twitch. In the video, which is circulating on the Internet, he can be seen non-stop firing one volley after another in less than a minute both in the parking lot, as soon as he got out of his car, and inside the supermarket.

However, in the images you can see how, upon reaching the boxes, he finds a white man crouched on the ground who begs him not to shoot him as he tries to protect himself with his hands. The shooter, who was already pointing the gun at him, says “sorry” (in Spanish, “I’m sorry”) when he sees him, stops aiming at him and leaves without shooting.

According to the AP, the 18-year-old who carried out the attack had researched local demographics and arrived in Buffalo the day before to reconnoitre the area, with the “express purpose” of killing as many black people as possible. According to local authorities this Sunday.

This revelation has sparked pain and anger in the predominantly black neighborhood in which the Tops supermarket where the shooting took place is located. A group of people met there yesterday to lead chants with the motto “black lives matter” and honor the victims.

In total, 10 people died, eight of them were black and two white. During the attack, the shooter was heavily armed with tactical gear. He was wearing a military helmet, bulletproof accessories and a camera with which he broadcast the massacre live.

Apparently, according to AP reports, the shooter, who has been identified as Payton Gendron, had previously threatened to shoot at his high school and, according to initial investigations, Gendron would have visited web pages that promulgate white supremacist ideas and had studied carefully. several shootings in mosques that have occurred in recent years.

On the live broadcast of the massacre, the governor of New York, Kathy Hochul, demanded that technology companies confess if they have done “everything humanly possible” to ensure that they monitor violent content as soon as possible. For its part, Twitch has said in a statement that it ended the transmission of the video “less than two minutes after the violence began.”

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