Pedro Alfonso Casado, the lieutenant colonel of the Civil Guard who was wounded last Friday by a man entrenched in Santovenia de Pisuerga (Valladolid), is in an irreversible situation, as EL MUNDO has learned.

The agent was in charge of negotiating with a 46-year-old resident of Santovenia, P.A.S.H., known as el Chiqui, who barricaded himself with a hostage after killing a friend. The head of the Special Intervention Unit was hit by a shot fired “blindly” from inside the house through the door.

The situation of the command of the Civil Guard has deteriorated in recent hours. Yesterday, Sunday, in a statement, the Government Delegation explained that, according to the medical team that is treating him, “it is a good sign that more than 48 hours have passed and he is still stable.”

The Civil Guard brought P.A.S.H. to court on Saturday morning, as the alleged perpetrator of crimes of murder, attack, illegal detention and illegal possession of weapons. However, he required medical attention, so the judicial authority ordered him to be transferred to the hospital and he did not give a statement until hours later.

The Investigating Court number 4 of Valladolid, on duty, ordered provisional detention, communicated and without bail for P.A.S.H., according to the Superior Court of Justice of the community. The case is open for the following crimes: homicide and/or murder, illegal detention, attack and illegal possession of weapons.

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