The independent director Silvia Iranzo has formalized her resignation from Indra and voluntarily joins the other five struck down by the Government. She is the former Secretary of State for Commerce in the Zapatero government that the State Company for Industrial Participations (Sepì) had decided to keep and not include her in the group of those expelled, but she herself has also decided to leave. Knowledgeable sources assure EL MUNDO that he made the decision on Thursday itself when witnessing the maneuver of Joseph Ourghoulian, president of Prisa, to force the surprise dismissal of four independent directors headed by the vice president of Indra, Alberto Terol, and the non-reelection of another director, Isabel Torremocha.

It so happens that Iranzo was appointed Secretary of State in 2008 by the then Minister of Industry, Miguel Sebastián. This is Indra’s adviser on behalf of Sepi, but Iranzo has decided to distance himself from what the former minister and the Government are doing with Indra.

Indra has communicated her departure to the National Securities Market Commission as follows: “On June 25, Ms. Silvia Iranzo Gutiérrez has communicated by letter her decision to irrevocably resign as an independent director of Indra with effect from that date. In said letter the Mrs. Iranzo states that her resignation is motivated by her disagreement with the resolutions adopted by the General Shareholders’ Meeting regarding the dismissal and non-reelection of five independent directors which, in her opinion, imply lowering the company’s corporate governance standard to the detriment of majority of shareholders not represented on the Board”.

Consequently, “the Board of Directors has been called to meet today for the purpose of proceeding, among other matters, to the appointment of members of its committees and to initiate the process of selecting independent directors,” states the press release. the society.

With the departure of Iranzo, anticipated by Expansión, Indra is left with only two independent directors, Francisco García Sanz and Ignacio Martín, who are not enough even to chair the committees of the board of directors as required by the Code of Good Governance and places this Ibex company in a very complicated situation for investors. Iranzo has chaired The value fell nearly 20% from the shareholders’ meeting to the close of Friday due to the impact of the government’s surprise takeover of the entity in alliance with the president of Prisa and the Basque group Sapa, which it depends on Ministry of Defense contracts for its viability.

Iranzo was appointed independent director of Indra in 2017, when the PP was still governing, after a selection process opened by the then president Fernando Abril-Martorell. Until now, she has been president of the group’s Sustainability Commission. She was congratulated by the board for Indra’s outstanding score in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) World, considered the international benchmark in sustainability.

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