The Moroccan authorities in Nador, the city on the other side of the border with Melilla, have already begun to organize the burial of the migrants who died as a result of the violent jump of the fence last Friday. NGOs speak of 37 deaths, while the neighboring country reduces the figure to 23.

The Moroccan Association for Human Rights (AMDH) published this Sunday morning on its Twitter and Facebook profiles a photo taken from a hill near the Sidi Salem cemetery in Nador. It shows a group of workers digging graves.

“A real scandal,” said the AMDH. This organization denounced that the Nador authorities were digging “21 graves” to bury “some of the migrants who died on ‘Black Friday’ at the border. Without waiting for the results of an investigation, without an autopsy, without any identification. authorities quickly try to hide the disaster we have experienced”.

The burial is scheduled to take place this Monday, according to what the AMDH has learned, which this past Saturday already warned “against any attempt to order the rapid burial” by Morocco “of the sub-Saharan and Sudanese migrants who died without opening an investigation global, quick and serious to determine responsibilities and deficiencies”.

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