This little purple killing machine may even pass Halo Infinite’s technical test.

The needler is not treated with the respect that it deserves. The needler is not given the respect it deserves. Halo 1 fans love the battle rifle and the pistol, as well as the plasma sword, the Halo Reach rocket launcher, and even the Covenant carbine. And it looks like the combat designers for Halo Infinite do, too, because after a couple hours of hands-on with the multiplayer technical test, I think this might be the strongest the needler’s ever been.

I love the tiktiktiktik sound it makes as it fires out a quick sequence of razorlike purple crystals. Because I am a terrible shot, I love the fact that it takes a while to home in. The excitement and tension that builds up from those needles exploding, instantly killing my target, is what I love. Firing the needler is a wager that I will land enough needles that it does not damage me. This reward is the purple cloud of death.


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