When it’s games such as The Dark Iris, Bleakshore, or even the approaching Compound Fracture, I can not get enough of terror games using crunchy PlayStation-inspired visuals.

Place in rural Wales, a setting that you do not frequently find in videogames, the narrative concerns Chris Selwood, a guy who seeks refuge from a storm at a remote roadside cafe, even until things take a turn, necessarily, to get the creepy.

I played with a very brief demo of this match, where I visited the cafe after driving through a rainstorm, fulfilled a friendly neighborhood waitress, then watched in terror as she had been assaulted by a nightmarish monster with luminous eyes. There was not enough in the demonstration to get a feel for what the game really is, or how it plays, but the air, visuals, and also scene-setting are top notch.

“Inspired by’80s sci-fi horror and contemporary surrealist theatre, Chasing Static provides a exceptional spin on the story adventure genre via new sound driven gameplay mechanisms and non-linear exploration,” reads the match’s Steam page.

Developer Headware Games states Chasing Static will inform a self-contained two-hour narrative in a universe you may explore at your own leisure. However, the thing I am most intrigued by is that the’sonic exploration’ system. “Audio driven gameplay mechanisms have you searching anomalies having an experimental Frequency Displacement Tracking Device,” reads the Steam webpage, which seems like a exceptional spin on the spooky walking sim.

No launch date was set for Chasing Static however, but you can expect it at any stage this season.


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