In the PC Gaming Show we heard a little about the planet of Dying Light two, which is set for release on December 7. Among the most intriguing things about the city is the way it completely transforms through the night, and then I sat down with a programmer from Techland to inform me more about that.

“Throughout the day, everyone has their own agenda. You might hate one of those factions. But when night falls, everyone has one enemythe Infected.”

“When the night comes, the world changes entirely. People rule the town throughout the day, but the roads are teeming with Infected at nighttime. The floor is lava, basically. You need to stay on the rooftops. If you jump to ground level, it’s gonna be debilitating. You’re going to be pursued and experience Screamers.”

Screamers, when you haven’t had the enjoyment, are a creepy child-like form of this Infected, returning from the original game. Their screams disorient you and alert other enemies to your location. It is possible to imagine how terrifying being seen by a few of these can be at night once the streets are crawling with Infected and you’re at your most vulnerable.

“Night additionally brings intriguing gameplay opportunities,” says Ciszewski. “If you travel the world during the day, you’re gonna see a good deal of Infected in buildings–almost like I’m Legend–who are asleep. They’re waiting for night to go hunting. So when they go outside at nightthey depart those interiors almost empty. And that’s an opportunity for you to stop by these places.”

“The metro system is generally very populated with Infected during the daytime, but at night you may go there and research more easily. You may come across military containers down there. Hence that the day/night process isn’t just a gimmick, it is part of earth. If a quest involves you moving through an underground tunnel, waiting for night will make your life much easier.”

“Exploring at nighttime is made even more complicated by the fact that you’ve got this biomarker measuring your level of disease,” he states. “Everybody in this world is infected. The more time spent in darkness, the further the disease bar climbs up. So you are not just managing time, but your disease level. However, you may give yourself more time with food items or shots.”

You are going to need to use stealth here in order to prevent being seen. They then find a cage filled with higher excellent loot, which can be your reward for braving the city lower levels after hours. It looks incredibly stressed.


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