This movie has become the highlight of the week thus far.

To hell with feeble heart rumble attributes in the rear of controls. At least that is what I presume went through the head of Jatin Patel out of YouTube station Teenenggr until they went about producing something much, much larger.

Watching Patel attempting to keep up a continuous aim in Crysis while a 250-Volt induction engine apparently shakes their whole home to pieces needs to be among the most entertaining movies I have watched each week. And I do in my spare time would be scroll through Tik Tok, so that is quite the compliment.

You may check out Patel’s production from the movie above (good place, Kotaku) or have a look at their site for more creations.

Which all has me thinking just how far will PC players go in the title of immersion? What is next? The animus in the Assassin’s Creed picture?

I would try that, sure.


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