The suffocating heat will give a small respite and, for the moment, “a new episode of extraordinary heat is not in sight in the short term”, although we must continue to pay attention to the weather conditions that will occur in the last days of this week, when the thermometers rebound up to or above 40 degrees.

Ricardo Torrijo, spokesman for the State Meteorological Agency (Aemet), has highlighted that, for now, there is not “sufficient entity” to speak of extreme heat again: “We are in a usual summer weather scenario, with temperatures above than normal, yes, but usual for this hot season”.

This Tuesday the intense heat of recent days has subsided in almost the entire country, due to the entry of cooler air from the Atlantic, except in points in the northeast of the peninsula, where in 4 communities -Aragon, Catalonia, La Rioja and Navarra- The orange alert persists due to maximums between 37 and 40 degrees, according to data from Aemet.

However, and despite the thermal relief, in the center of the country there could still be very high minimums, such as in Madrid, where the thermometers will mark up to 25 degrees again tonight and about 24 degrees in Zaragoza, Barcelona, ​​Palma and also in Almería. and in Malaga.

After this extreme episode, tomorrow a day of transition is expected and the heat warnings will change their geographical location and will remain in Andalusia again, with the provinces of Córdoba, Seville, Huelva and Jaén on orange alert for values ​​that will range between 40 and 42 degrees in the Cordovan and Seville countryside and in the Guadalquivir valley.

In other points, such as areas of Mallorca, the interior of the northeast and on the southern plateau, the values ​​will range between 36-39 degrees, Ávila will remain at a maximum of 34 degrees, Madrid will reach 37 degrees and Toledo at 39 degrees; however, they will fall on the Cantabrian slope and the eastern peninsular third, more notably in Navarra, the Basque Country and in surrounding areas.

Regarding the night, on Wednesday we can already start talking about an early morning that could be more bearable in almost the entire territory, with drops in the thermometer in large areas of the center and north interior, although in other areas the heat will continue; by provincial capitals, it is expected that the suffocating night will be in Valencia, Malaga, Jaén, San Sebastián, Castellón and Barcelona, ​​where up to 24 degrees will be recorded.

On Thursday, the maximum will rise again in the communities of Andalusia, Castilla-La Mancha and Extremadura with daytime values ​​that will rise to 40 degrees; in the communities of Aragon, the Balearic Islands, Castilla y León, Catalonia, Galicia, Madrid, Navarra, the Basque Country and La Rioja, the yellow level will be activated by values ​​that will range between 34 and 39 degrees.

The minimum will drop in the western half of Andalusia, will remain with few changes in the rest and will rise in areas of the center and west of the peninsula.

As of Friday, temperatures will drop in the Canary Islands and in the northwest of the peninsula, and will rise in the Mediterranean area, with more than 35 degrees in the interior of the southern half, the Ebro valley, the south of the northern plateau, Mallorca and locally in the central Canary Islands.

That same day 40 degrees will be reached in the Guadalquivir valley, without ruling out in the Guadiana and Tajo valleys, and with respect to the minimum, these will rise in a generalized way, with tropical nights in the southern half of the Atlantic slope, coastline Mediterranean, Middle Ebro, Balearic Islands and coastal areas of the Canary Islands.

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